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Who We Are

Building community through social justice for over 104 years.

Saint Columba House

Over the years, Saint Columba House has frequently spoken out on issues of public policy, mobilized communities to defend their rights and has always taken a strong stand to defend and work alongside those who are excluded: the intellectually challenged, the unemployed, children from low-income families, the elderly, those whose lives are affected by physical or mental illness.

Saint Columba is engaged in seeking justice through empowerment, education and social action,
as a community ministry of the United Church of Canada in partnership with the Point Saint Charles Community.


Our community kitchen prepared and served an astounding 18,411 hot meals in 2023, thanks to the dedication of our Chef and volunteers.


Our Hand-In-Hand program provided more than 1,100 hours of specialized care to 17 adults living with physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities throughout the year.


Our “Meals-on-Wheels” initiative delivered 8,256 meals to low-income and isolated seniors, accompanied by weekly safety checks. An upsurge in demand suggests we will need to prepare and deliver an additional 1,824 meals this year alone, bringing the total to an estimated 10,080 “Meals-on-Wheels” (an increase of 22.09%) for 2024.


Our Preschool and After-School programs provided the equivalent of 21,000 hours of free tutoring and activities, and distributed 6,270 free snacks to children from low-income families.


Our mentoring program empowered youth with leadership skills and provided full-time summer employment to 14 young adults and enabled 71 at-risk children to participate in our Summer Day Camp.

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What We Do

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CIT (Counselor-in-training)

In the CIT program, youth aged 14-16 are empowered as community leaders as they learn the skills needed to work as counselors-in-training…

Alternate School

The Alternate School is a bilingual program for families with children 3-4 years old that functions with parent participation that offers…

Café Pronto

Café Pronto is a meeting place in the heart of the Point Saint-Charles district located at Saint Columba House. Open to all and at a very affordable price…

Community Lunch

The Community Lunch Program offers Point Saint Charles residents and guests hot, nutritious and balanced lunches prepared fresh daily…

After School

Saint Columba House provides a high-quality bilingual After School program that focuses on academics and homework, but also on wellness…

Summer Day Camp

During the summer, Saint Columba House provides a bilingual Day Camp to the children, families and youth of Point Saint Charles.


Services adults living with intellectual, mental and/or physical challenges aged between 55 and 70 years old. The participants live on low-incomes…

Sexual Health Initiative

Saint Columba House currently partners with Saint Gabriel Elementary school to offer sexual health workshops for students in grades 4, 5 and 6.


Food security and social isolation are two of the most pressing issues for many of our seniors and anyone else with mobility challenges.

Oasis Community Garden

Our Oasis Community Garden has gardens on the side of our building and on our upper terrace. Fresh, organic vegetables are grown and our harvest…

Senior Connections

Our senior group meets every Friday annually from 1:00 pm – 3:00 PM. While most of Saint Columba House’s programs are bilingual, this group takes…


Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem. We may take them and other pollinators like butterflies and hoverflies for granted – but they are vital for stable, healthy…

Women’s Discussion Group

Women’s Discussion Group is a forum which provides a monthly discussion group for women to discuss and explore issues of concern to them…

Men’s Group

Once a month, our men’s group meets at Saint Columba House at 5 pm for a supper. While every evening has a different subject to explore…

Bill’s Community Bike Shop

Saint Columba House’s very own bike shop is open to all the cyclists in the community! Drop off your bike for a tune-up at a reasonable price…

In-Transit Day Camp

Throughout the summer, activities are planned and are designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 15.