Alternate School


Our Alternate School, under the supervision of Shannon Picard and Andrea Miranda, received funding to provide young children and their parents the opportunity to attend a head-start Preschool program. Tasked with promoting literacy and French language skills to prepare them for kindergarten and elementary school, these kids participated in activities including field trips and Drama therapy sessions with the assistance of Concordia students.

Children, aged 2.5 to 5 years old engaged in regular projects focused on developing fine motor skills, learning dental hygiene, working on pre-writing (use of hands, chalk, directionality), recognizing letters (visually and phonetically) and on classifying colours, numbers, shapes and sizes. Parents took part in this process, learning how to reinforce these concepts at home.

Parental involvement enriched adults and children alike, by exposing all participants to diverse viewpoints and experiences. Out of the 12 children enrolled in the school, 6 transitioned successfully to Kindergarten in September 2023, while the remaining 6 continued their education for a second year at the Alternate School.

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